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SKCharities firmly believes that playing a sport is a human birthright. We bring sports to every person around the world by donating athletic gear from US colleges and global organizations. We also advocate for player safety through spreading awareness about concussions.

SKCharities is a 501(c)(3) approved non-profit founded by Ms. Shevali Kadakia in 2016 that works to use athletics to tackle social justice issues that society faces. SKCharities 5 main projects include collecting used athletic gear, enabling sports for the underprivileged and players with needs, gender equality, concussion awareness, and athletic camps.
Collecting Athletic Gear:
Most of the organizations that SKCharities targets for donations are colleges and universities around the USA. So far, SKCharities has received gear from 25 different colleges/universities. SKCharities also collects equipment from other organizations, including high schools and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). 
Enabling sports for the underprivileged and player with needs:
SKCharities has developed numerous partnerships with underprivileged communities around the world. Through these partnerships, SKCharities donates athletic gear to the community’s athletes to encourage children to play sports. In 2019, SKCharities developed a partnership with the US Department’s Global Sports Mentoring Program and the Center For Sport, Peace, and Society. Through this partnership, SKCharities pursues its mission to encourage athletics to underprivileged athletes by donating high-quality athletic gear to players with needs. 
Gender Equality:
To help combat gender inequality, especially in athletics, SKCharities has hosted soccer camps and tournaments for women only. SKCharities encourages women to participate by donating athletic gear to the participants. SKCharities and a partnering organization host the events which typically last an entire day. One of the main events was in December 2018 when SKCharities traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal to host a tournament with Go Sports Nepal where over 200 athletes participated.
Concussion Awareness:
Ms. Shevali Kadakia suffered from a concussion in 2016, and this concussion impacted her for over a year. As a result, Shevali began spreading awareness about concussions by hosting seminars at local schools and around the world where she talks about her experience with a concussion and methods to prevent getting a concussion. So far, Shevali has spoken to a total of 7,500 students and athletes at three different schools and in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Athletic Camps:
To spread the joy of sports to her local community, Shevali gathers volunteers and hosts free basketball and soccer camps for children. For the past two years, SKCharities has hosted camps at Scholar’s Academy in San Jose, CA.
Throughout the years, SKCharities has spread its impact from the local community to a global scale.