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Concussion Awareness Drive at Quimby Oak Middle School

Event: Concussion Awareness

Location: Quimby Oak Middle School, San Jose

Date: Oct 15, 2018

Speaker: Shevali Kadakia

Number of Sessions: 6

Total number of attendees ~ 900


Having suffered a concussion in 8th grade, I am aiming to make my local community aware of concussion risks. Through my recovery journey, I have realized how sensitive we children
are and how unaware parents are about the consequences of a minor head injury. I am now ready to talk about my journey and would like to now bring awareness about this problem to the district and to all the schools. Not only would I like to share various experiences about concussions to our community and make people aware of its dangerous side effects, but also would also like to recommend measures that the district can take to prevent concussions.

I have a simple program wherein I speak about my experience with concussions and then distribute pamphlets to the students if they need more information.

Please contact me if you want a similar program at your school.