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Peru – US Department of State GSMP

Flying To Peru 

Getting ready for a trip to Lima, Peru [via Houston] for the U.S. Department of State Global Sports Mentoring Program alongside with The Center for Sport, Peace, & Society!!

Thanks to the following colleges/universities for the donations :





Day 1 

Experiencing the local culture and enjoying the Copa America Finals – Peru vs. Brazil game

Gang of five [Dr. Sarah HillyerJohn WhiteLisa BelcastroShevali Kadakia, and Ken Kitchelt] finalizing the plans for the week and had a great talk with Pancho Arbulú and Jorge Beltran


Day 2

Event 1 – 07/08/2019, Lima, Peru

U.S. Department of State Global Sports Mentoring Program presentation at the Olympic Center, meeting with the Paralympic officials and local NGOs,
Dr. Sarah HillyerJohn White, Ken, Lisa Belcastro and Shevali Kadakia doing the presentation.
SKCharities donation at the Olympic Center, Lima, Peru.

Thanks to the following colleges/universities for the donations!
– Stanford Athletics
– SJSU Spartans
– Saint Mary’s College Men’s Basketball
– NDNU Athletics
– Occidental College


Event 2 – 07/08/2019, Lima, Peru

Tour of the new Lima Paralympics stadium.
Peru is hosting the 2019 Parapan American Games starting on Aug 23rd – Parapanamericanos Lima 2019


Day 3

Event 3 – 07/09/2019, Lima, Peru

Fab 5 [Dr. Sarah HillyerJohn WhiteLisa Belcastro, Ken K, and Shevali Kadakia] spent the morning meeting with Ms. Natalia D. Molanol, Assistant Cultural Affairs, Public Affairs Section at the Embassy of the United States of America, Lima, Peru. Had a great discussion around how we can help to improve diplomacy via sports in Peru. Amazing experience visiting the embassy


Event 4 – 07/09/2019, Lima, Peru

Amazing experience visiting Colegio Villa Per Se – a school for children with special needs! Fantastic design and architecture of the school.
Thanks, Principal Ms. Janice Roeder Mckay for hosting us!
SKCharities donated jerseys to the school.



Event 5 – 07/09/2019, Lima, Peru

Ended the day spending time with children with Downs Syndrome at Cafae Se center. Pancho Arbulú made it possible to have a pool where the children learned adaptive surfing.

SKCharities donated jerseys and jackets to the children and volunteers at the event.


Event 6 – 07/10/2019, Lima, Peru

Had a fantastic time participating in a sports activity with children with Down Syndrome along with Dr. Sarah HillyerJohn WhiteKen Kitchelt and Lisa Belcastro
SKCharities donated jerseys and sports equipment at the event.


Event 7 – 07/10/2019, Lima, Peru

It was great to see Peru’s men’s sitting volley team practicing. This team is going to participate in the 2019 Paralympics Games in Lima, Peru – Parapanamericanos Lima 2019. Thanks to Jorge Beltran for arranging the visit.
SKCharities donated jerseys to Men and Women basketball and volleyball teams.


Day 5

Event 8 – 07/11/2019, Lima, Peru

Visited the local school, which is providing teachers education on how to work with children with special needs.


Event 09 – 07/11/2019, Lima, Peru

It was really nice to spend the evening on running track with runners who are visually impaired.
Asociación “Yo soy sus ojos” – Escuela de Atletas Invidentes [I Am His Eyes association] arranged the event.
Dr. Sarah HillyerJohn WhiteKen KitcheltLisa Belcastro and Shevali Kadakia participated in the adaptive running.
Thanks to the founder of Yo Soy Sus Ojos association Mr. Domingo Elias for arranging the event.
Met with Mr. Rosbil Guillen Quispe – Paratleta who is participating in the 2019 Paralympics and coach Ms. Andrea Racchi Arens.
SKCharities donated jerseys at the event.


Day 6

Event 10 – 07/12/2019, Lima, Peru

Visited the military training facility that is used by the Paralympics athletes to prepare for the 2019 PanAm Paralympics!!
We wish all the best to Ms. Shirley Melendez, Mr. Victor Hugo Falcon La Puente on their prep for the qualifiers.
SKCharities donated jerseys, shorts and track pants to the athletes.

Day 7

Event 11 – 07/13/2019, Lima, Peru

Adapting surfing at the Peruvian beaches!! Truly amazed with the passion and energy everyone had for adaptive surfing!!
SKCharities donated Jorge Beltran for his non-profit bent but not broken


Event 12 – 07/13/2019, Lima, Peru

SKCharities making donations to Pamela Davelouis Zoppi, Executive Director for the Paralympics, Peru. Shevali Kadakia hands-off socks, cones and pinnies for the Paralympics participants.


Event 13 – 07/13/2019, Lima, Peru

SKCharities also donated jerseys to Ms. Cecilia De Cossio who works at the US Embassy – Lima, Peru.

Day 8

Goodbye Peru!!! Thank you very much!!
Dr Sarah Hillyer, John White, Ken KitcheltLisa BelcastroShevali KadakiaPancho ArbulúJorge Beltran Pamela Davelouis ZoppiNatalia D. MolanoCecilia De Cossio , Domingo Elias Townsend, VICTOR HUGO FALCON-the bridge, Andrea Racchi Arens, SKCharitiesU.S. Department of State Global Sports Mentoring Programbent but not brokenAsociación “Yo soy sus Ojos”-Escuela de Atletas Invidentes